Escape King Rat From Forest

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The wilderness land here is being governed by the rat king, so everything that lives there can be assured for this king even when he is a rodent, is quite the powerful thing. As a person who lives in the edge of the place, Ethan is good for the rat king can be trusted with everything, well he should be for he had been king of this place since forever. But that day though he needed help and nobody can give that to him now but Ethan!

The rat king was on the run from something! This is absolutely new and Ethan did not know what to do, but the king just told him to help him escape the place and he’ll tell him everything after. Okay then, Ethan is going to guide him out so that this will be quicker. Escape players, want to help Ethan here help the rat king escape?

Escape King Rat From Forest is the newest point-and-click wilderness rescue escape game created by Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Escape King Rat From Forest

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