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Escape Grey House
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White and black are your favorite colors. You really can't decide which one you want to color your house. Because of that, you thought of a bright idea. That is to combine your two favorite colors. This lead you to a Grey House and you think that it looks nice. You are so happy with your house and you can't wait to invite friends over. However, you can't invite your friends if the door doesn't open. The only thing that can open the door is the key. Unfortunately, you don't know where the key is. With that, you have to roam around the house and look for clues that can help you to locate the missing key. But as you try to find your key, there are puzzles that you will encounter. Those puzzles are not easy to solve but you should not worry too much.

There are hints that can help you to solve those. In addition to that, there are also items that you can use for your escape plan. You just have to use your logic so you can use the objects properly. Play this newest room escape game by Avm Games and Escape Grey House. Good luck!

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