Escape Granny Kitty

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There is a spooky spirit in the desert here, but it is not harmful though, it is just creepy-looking and it mostly needs help on various things. That day, Gregory found the spirit again but this is only the 2nd time, the spirit’s appearance is a kitty with angel wings and for today it needs to get from this point here to somewhere. Gregory have helped this spirit before so for good gesture, he is going to help it again.

Escape players, the spirit which is called granny kitty for some reason needs to get to a part in the land here and it needs help. Gregory is going to need some help on this as well for the journey through the desert is hard. Will you help him then so that granny kitty can get to where it needs to be?

Escape Granny Kitty is a brand new point-and-click dry wilderness rescue escape game released by Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Escape Granny Kitty

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