Escape From Wondrous Place Game

Escape From Wondrous Place

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Escape From Wondrous Place is the newest point and click ancient escape game created by Top 10 New Games for more daring and fun escapes with us. Best of luck!

There was another wondrous place which the historians and researchers found, it had a blue to violet motif and almost every items there were in that hue including the walls. As one of those researchers, Briggs was very intrigued of the place for it was quite wide in the form that it is filled with tunnels and halls going to who knows where. Briggs was an adventurous kind of person, that's why he kept venturing into the unknown place leaving the base-camp in the surface, little did he know that he'll get himself in trouble there and because he was alone, that made it quite worst.

Briggs was admiring everything that he can find there when somehow along the way, he missed the guideline which was set by the team and after then, he had a hard-time trying to get back! Briggs surely here is in a situation he shouldn't be, but well he missed something and that is the cost for experience which Briggs has to conquer. Escape players, care to try the escape adventure here in an ancient and quite scary place? Go ahead then and enjoy with us everyday!

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