Splendour Place Escape Game

Splendour Place Escape

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Splendour Place Escape is another new point and click escape game made by Genie Fun Games for more dose of fun escapes with us everyday. Good luck!

Sandra visited her friend's store and it wasn't just any normal establishment however, for it's both a luxurious house and a showroom for fashion. The location of the establishment is in the heart of the city and for a year Sandra had been in the place occasionally checking her friend's latest line-up and also to chit-chat for random stuff. One day however as she visits the place, she realized that there was something up in the shop.

Sandra entered her friend's place and just stayed for a while waiting, but unfortunately her friend did not show-up and she thought maybe she's not in at the moment and would just come-back later or tomorrow. But as she tried the doors however, she realized that it were locked and there Sandra's concerns spiked up! She thought there must be something really going-on here, well her concerns are only going to get even worst for she is alone in the establishment at the moment and she could not get help from anybody. Escape players, Sandra here is going to try and escape the luxurious shop/house for she can't contact her friend at the moment. Care to try the escape adventure with Sandra and see if you can find the way out? Go ahead then everyone, have fun!

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