Escape From Universe Landscape

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Victor had been to many places in the universe and that’s because of his super high-tech ship. He can go to these places in a moment’s notice with that thing. But that day though, he did something rather risky and almost immediately, he is now trying to fix the result of the risk he took!

Victor is now lost in this very distant planet for his ship had an error and now it would not move. Victor tried real hard to fix this thing, but in his effort he found-out that he is going to need some things which cannot be found in his emergency pack, but can be found in this planet where he is though. Escape players, this rock where Victor is right-now is not inhabited, but it has everything he needs to fix his ship. Would you like to help Victor here in finding some things so he can return to his ship safely and be on his way?

Escape From Universe Landscape is the newest point-and-click space escape game from Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Escape From Universe Landscape

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