Escape From Tunnel Basement

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The old tunnels which leads to a series of underground bunkers in the forest is really eerie, it had been abandoned almost a decade ago and it has a lot of history despite of it being used sparsely before. It is said that a lot of people hid there at times when they think their lives are in danger, most of them perished due to different kinds of causes and after hiding there for so long supplies would run out, now the tunnels are silent and dark. But even though most would not go there, one is being brave and and wishes to enter the tunnels! That person was Beck and even though he was already told not to go there, he still will for he is one adventurous and curious person.

Beck is down there now and when he first saw the straight tunnel going to somewhere, he almost bailed. But he conquered that fear and pushed for his adventure. Beck kept going and he saw how much of a maze the place is, still he went and went until, he could no longer do so! Why is that? Well he seems to have been caught by the maze of tunnels there and he doesn’t know which way to go! Fear struck Beck then for he is alone and any help is nowhere for he didn’t bring any friends with him. Still Beck must not stay there for it is really not safe to be in the place. Escape players, will you help Beck navigate here by making use of every clue you can find so you’ll be guided out?

Escape From Tunnel Basement is another new point and click underground escape game made by WoW Escape.

Walkthrough video for Escape From Tunnel Basement


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