Escape From The Soapy Depths

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Something is happening to your little son here, for you could not remove him from the bathtub where he is taking a bath and what’s concerning about that was the water is starting to slowly rise for the faucet is on and you could not turn it off!

Something is definitely happening here and one that is not under normal circumstances. Escape players, you need to do something here so your son won’t drown. Find something in the house now that can break the bathtub for that is the only way the water won’t rise anymore. Quickly now for your son’s life depends on that.

Escape From The Soapy Depths is the newest point-and-click indoor rescue escape game from Games 2 Mad.

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Walkthrough video for Escape From The Soapy Depths

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3 months ago

Hmm… Correct me if I understand something wrong.

Towards the end of this game we walk into a bathroom with a HAMMER in hand and see a little girl taking a bath. The girl does not drown and is quite capable of getting out of the bath on her own – she does not need any help. But we can’t help but help! So, with our hammer we DESTROY the wall of the bathtub (FOR WHAT???), as a result of which the girl somehow finds herself outside the bathtub and already dressed. It is not clear whether she took a bath right with her clothes on or whether we “helped” her to get dressed as well.

I sincerely don’t understand what’s going on in the minds of some game designers.