Escape From The Flooded House Game

Escape From The Flooded House

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A huge explosion shaked the area not long ago. You rushed to the window and looked for the source. It was the dam. You almost passed out as you saw the huge amount of water flooding towards the city. You ran to your room to grab the most important stuffs, but it was too late. The water reached the house. The water level keeps rising. You have to swim out of the house, but the door is locked. You need to hurry and find the key before it's too late. Take a deep breath and dive in! Good luck and be careful when you open the door!

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  1. Date: February 3, 2016
    Author: SueSunday
    not easy, but really phantastic new ideas [Reply]
  2. Date: February 4, 2016
    Author: Sophia
    Ι agree very nice game [Reply]

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