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Escape From Strange World

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Just beyond the thick forest, there is a strange place and not only it is peculiar, but it's also filled with horrors! The place is a castle and it is hidden in the forest, that made it an uncharted place for hundreds of years, but one day some adventurer discovered it and what's inside which he found out are things that are jealous with people who has flesh! The castle houses animated skeletons and when they saw the adventurer who was Dexter, they immediately yelled flesh and started to ran at him quickly! That scared Dexter and he ran too to escape, but the castle itself also wants flesh, for it didn't allow him to escape, now the skeletons are looking for him.

For now, Dexter is hiding in the walls of the castle trying to look for a way out, the skeletons are everywhere and are absolutely looking for him. Dexter is losing hope here as time passes, he begins to think that he might not be able to escape the place but that's just negative thinking. Escape players, will you help Dexter here escape the place without so much as a scratch from those walking cadavers?

Escape From Strange World is a brand new point and click scary place escape game released by Top 10 New Games.

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