East Coast Escape Game

East Coast Escape

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Arnie knows that he lives in the west coast of the country and he was even near a beach, but he woke-up one day confused as heck for when he looked around, he was now in the east coast of the country and he knows it, for he had been to the place before and it is thousands of miles from where he is suppose to be right now. What, did he just teleport? A prank? That seems plausible but land travel from west to east is not possible overnight, by plane it is possible but he would have woken-up in the middle of it then. Maybe he was given sleeping stuff which brought him deep in sleep. Well whatever the reason is why he was there and how he got to the east, he still must find his way back.

Escape players, Arnie surely doesn't know what is going-on here and indeed it is very strange, but he is determined to find some answers if possible but most of all, he just wants to get back home. Want to join him on his attempt to get back to the west coast in any way possible?

East Coast Escape is another new point and click coastal area escape game made by Selfdefiant.

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