Escape From New Office Game

Escape From New Office

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There was going to be a conference later that day so Kevin must prepare his work and at the same time figure-out his new office on how it works. Everybody's office on the higher-ups have been renovated to be technologically inclined so to make their work a little-bit easier, but something happened though to Kevin's and that only made his life difficult and hopefully he thought, this should be the first for if this keeps happening then he'll have to ask for downgrading on the more traditional ones.

Kevin couldn't turn on the light in his office and he couldn't escape from the entire room which makes the situation a lot more worst, not to mention the work that he still needs to finish. Escape players, will you join Kevin here on this escape of his from his own office by figuring-out the methods of the new techs installed there? Use your skills and logic then to get this thing solved so Kevin can get back to work soon.

Come and test your skills and logic here on this escape everyone, be ready! Escape From New Office is the newest point and click room escape game created by Games 4 Escape.

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