Escape Zombie Hollow Game

Escape Zombie Hollow

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The hallow area of the forest is not to be ventured into especially at night, people are not even taking the risk there when the sun is up so why would anyone do this to themselves and venture there in the darkness? Well that day Randy doesn't have a choice really, for he just got involved in an accident at the town and even though he insisted that he was okay, he was still brought to the infirmary of the place and eventually checked-out good. After he was out he quickly ran to the forest for the sun will be going down soon and he needs to get home before he'll catch darkness in the middle of the hallow. Well unfortunately his worst nightmare came true.

Randy really needs to find another residence or maybe a new path that can get him to and from the town, for now he is lost in the darkness of the forest and the creepy vibes are on to him! It's strange for he knows the hallow well but this time it seems that the path had changed. This is not good for there are things in the hallow that people don't talk about, now he might meet them face to face! Escape players, will you have the courage to join Randy here escape from a place riddled with the scary?

Escape Zombie Hollow is a brand new point and click scary dark forest escape game from Selfdefiant.

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