Escape From Mystery Garden Game

Escape From Mystery Garden

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Jerry's grandmother lives near the forest for she insisted before that her life would be well-lived if she is near nature, they just allow the woman to decide for she still has a sound mind, only that Jerry visits her almost everyday to see how she is doing. That day Jerry visited again and even brought her goods and supplies, Jerry talked a bit with his grandma and decided he'll go out in her garden to see what needs to be done there and get some fresh-air too. Jerry always thought that his grandmother's garden was weird, he feels like there are mysterious things about it waiting to be uncovered. Well he was told by his grandmother before though that weird things sometimes happen there and that day Jerry will experience it himself finally!

Jerry was just roaming around the garden when suddenly he got lost for he was no longer familiar with where he was! To make things worst there was now a gate on his midst and he can't get it to open! This is absolutely something here and Jerry of course could not get help from his grandmother who was resting at the moment in her house. Escape players, how are you going to solve this then if you are faced with the same situation as Jerry's? Go ahead, see if you can solve this one.

Escape From Mystery Garden is a brand new point and click outdoor escape game from Top 10 New Games.

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