Escape From Halloween Forest Game

Escape From Halloween Forest

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Escape From Halloween Forest is a brand new point and click scary dark forest escape game released by Top 10 New Games. Have Fun!

It's once again time for George to go to the next town over to get some produce for his family, which means he is going to pass through that forsaken forest again and because it happens to be Halloween that time, he is definitely at the brink of declining. But his family is going to need that produce so they can all survive for another month, that's why George decided to leave and leave very early in the day. At first pass it was good, he successfully retrieved the things he needs and out he goes again. But on his second pass however, it was very different.

George passed the dark forest very late in the afternoon and now, the spooks are starting to play with him! Nobody passes the place at these times especially at Halloween, but even though he is already lost in there, nothing else can be done but to really find the way out quick before night arrives. Escape players, night arriving in this forest is the worst thing to happen and it's not unlikely, for it will definitely come. Care to join with George and see if you can escape the forest safely? Good luck and be very careful of the spooks.

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