Hut Room Escape Game

Hut Room Escape

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Hut Room Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Genie Fun Games. Have fun in looking for a way out of the beautiful and huge hut here!

The resort Annie stayed in has this beautiful ambiance and facilities, one of the greatest in the place is their native hut rooms which has a feel of both primitiveness and modernity. It's kind of like a mix of the two so the resort can ensure the guests will feel at home at the same time they'll also feel nature closely. Annie had no bad reactions and any other negativity about the place, she is even alone which means she is highly receptive to inconveniences, like the one unfortunately happening close at the end of her stay.

Annie had a great week in the resort but all good things however must come to an end for she needs to return home for work, well she didn't even thought that the good thing will be over while she is still in the resort, for when she tried the door of her hut so she can leave out a bit, she realized that it was locked and she doesn't know what's making it jammed! Annie tried to call for help but because the houses are quite a ways apart, nobody could hear her. Escape players, this hut here can easily be broken-out from if Annie just puts her mind into it, but she doesn't want to be charged for the things she will be breaking here. Join in on the escape with Annie everyone, there has got to be another way out of there that involves not destroying anything. Good luck!


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