Escape Danger Island Game

Escape Danger Island

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This place looks innocent by the first look. There is nothing different in this place so there are no worries in your head. But as you walk through it, you realized that this island is different among others. This is not the place to relax because this is a place of pressure. This place is not safe at all because everything in here is dangerous. The animals might look innocent but they are not. They bite and they are not friendly at all. Not only that, there are also booby traps all over the place that will bring you danger. You are not safe in here so you have to get away from this island as soon as possible. You have to be careful though if you want to get out of here alive. The good news is, there are hints that can help you to escape from this place.

However, there are puzzles in this island that you need to solve. Each puzzle will bring you danger if you can't solve those. With that, you have to be serious with those puzzles and use your logic to complete everything. Escape Danger Island is the newest outdoor escape game by Selfdefiant for Mouse City. Good luck!


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