Escape Creepy Cabin

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You totally like your new car. And why wouldn’t you? You spent ten years of saving up for a car. You’re a believer of saving up for something rather than loaning for it. So you take only one-eight of your salary to spend and the rest is for the car. Sometimes the percentage increases depending on the monetary situation. But regardless of the challenges, your car is still the priority. Now that you won one, you still save just the same. You want your car to be in top condition. And keeping it nice an shiny requires money. As much as possible, you don’t want it to be in rough roads although your car is made for it. It’s like you’re receiving scratches each time it hits some bumps. But a part of your work requires you to visit such places.

And you car is your only vehicle. Since the company already knows you have a car, you have to use it. Everything’s going fine and your car’s very comfortable. But then, there may be some bumps that you haven’t noticed that causes your car to stop. Luckily, it stops near a cabin. No matter how creepy, you’re hoping help can be found inside. But instead, it seems like danger’s lurking. Play Escape Creepy Cabin room escape game by Mouse City.