Winter House Escape

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You are in your favorite place on the planet, the Winter Wonderland. “Winter House” is the newest attraction in this amusement park. It is a room escape game and whoever wins the game will get a whole year free ticket to Winter Wonderland. The park also said that this is best escape game that they every made so far. Because of this, you didn’t think twice to join the Winter House Escape. But of course, they won’t give a prize like that for nothing. You have to earn that year round free ticket. This is not your ordinary escape game because you have to collect candies which serve as puzzle pieces. Then, you have to solve the puzzle before you can escape from the room. But you shall not worry because there are clues around the room that can help you out. However, you have to find those clues.

There are lots of people in line and some of them already made it so you really have to be quick. Because whoever escape from the room with the fastest time will win. Play Winter House Escape and escape from the room as fast as you can. This room escape game is the best escape game by Ainars and Iren for Escape Fan. Have fun!

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Walkthrough video for Winter House Escape

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