Escape from the Bunk Beds Room Game

Escape from the Bunk Beds Room
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Escape from the Bunk Beds Room is an room escape game from Darakeguma. Imagine in this game you are a student of an elementary school. It was near to the end of the semester before the summer holiday and your classmaster decided to take you to a classtrip somewhere special so its location remained a secret until you arrived. Getting out of the bus you realized it was an adventure park which was established to bring the students loser to the history. The park contained several place where the children could experience the biggest battles of the history by watching a small display about it. Your accomodation was also elaborated in the name of the history. It was like a World War II bunker deep under the ground. Unfortunately you had fever during the trip so your teacher decided you were going to be alone in a room to prevent spreading it amongst the other students. The next day you woke up early to continue your exciting trip and were ready to meet your class again. Turning down the latch of the door you realized it was locked as the only way out. Find hidden objects and fit them together to escape. Good luck!



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