Tourist Escape

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Tourist Escape is a game developed by 123Bee. Assume one day you were working in your office when suddenly you felt extreme pain in your chest. Your colleagues called for an ambulance and the doctors established that you had a serious hearth attack caused by your excessive consumption of crisps and food filled with fat. They proposed you to lose some weigt in order to keep your body healty and prevent the following problems. You decided to take hikes every weekend in the nearby forest. On a sunny friday afternoon you packed your backpack after the work and headed there. You hadn’t booked any hotelroom nearby, you decided to do it personally there in a small boarding-house. You were walking there for hours when you realized the sun started to set and it was imminent to find an accomodation as soon as possible. Suddenly you bumped into a small house which had several rooms to be lodged. You stayed one of them during the night and the next morning were ready to explore this spectacular forest early. You wanted to leave but found the door of your room locked and the key was missing. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to get out. Have fun!