Enchanting Adventure Of The Green Mermaid

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How far have this little mermaid traveled? For right now she is in Harrison’s cage and the place where they are is very far inland! How did this creature get here anyways? Through the river systems? Maybe. She seems to be a little girl mermaid also which really mystifies Harrison how this thing even got here. Well, mermaids are suppose to be mythical anyways and little are known about them, but Harrison will free this being though for it definitely doesn’t belong here.

Escape players, Harrison might be in a whole heap of trouble which he cannot see yet, that’s why he needs to free this mermaid first from his cage and then worry about the rest later. Will you be able to help Harrison here with this creature then?

Enchanting Adventure Of The Green Mermaid is the newest point-and-click mythical rescue escape game from 8B Games and Games 2 Mad.

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Walkthrough video for Enchanting Adventure Of The Green Mermaid

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