Empty Class Room Escape Game

Empty Class Room Escape

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Leo could not find his room where his class will be at in the first time, but he never expected it to be worst for he never found the room and to top that, he got trapped in one of the classrooms there which he entered for the doors behind him just locked all by itself! My, this place seems like it has a mind of its own, weird too for the classroom he entered was empty of chairs and it looks like it is still being repaired or something. Leo needs to get himself out of there for he is going to be late on his first day if he doesn't do so and he knows how embarrassing can that be.

Escape players, come and test your skills of escape here with Leo at school, see if you can find something useful in the room which can open the locked door of the classroom here. Try not to destroy anything now for you don't want to be scolded on the first day of school.

Check this escape here everyone and do your best! Empty Class Room Escape is another new point and click escape game made by Genie Fun Games.

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