Egypt Pyramid Escape Game

Egypt Pyramid Escape
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The Egypt Pyramid was always a great mystery to you. You had seen a television program where they explained how the pyramids came to be. But it wasn't that easy to believe the theories. You know it would be impossible to really ask someone who was born at that time. Yet for you, the statement coming from that person would make things clear. You also heard the about the treasures that was inside the pyramid. This made you even more interested. You wanted to start creating intricate designs for jewelries but you needed some inspiration for it. Egyptians have such a mysterious story always revolving around them. And you wanted to make use of that story as you work on your pieces. People would always want to wear something that was unique and mystical. And you felt that the Egypt Pyramid could give you that.

You started your trip there with these thoughts in mind. However, as you explored the pyramid, you realized there was more to it than the treasures you didn't even find. You didn't want to stay too long inside and was started to make your way out. But you just kept on walking without even getting near any exit. Play Egypt Pyramid Escape room escape game by Genie Fun Games.

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