Broadleaf Forest Escape

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Broadleaf forest was one of the most sought after forest in your area. Many people claimed their wishes came true when wished inside the forest. Some people claimed they found their true love there as well. You couldn’t really tell if their claims were true since you hadn’t been to the forest. You had been planning to go for a while. Yet it seemed like the circumstances were grouping against you and you just couldn’t set your foot there. Then things began to turn for the better after meeting a friend who had the same desire as you. You were standing in line and this person was behind you. There was a slight delay with the serving since one of the cashiers entered the wrong order. You knew the cashier and instead of grumbling about her mistake, you searched more information about Broadleaf Forest.

The person behind you couldn’t take his eyes away from the information you were reading. You looked at him and he said he it was his interest as well. This struck a conversation until you set a time to visit the forest yourselves. So after few days, you were in the forest but unable to leave. Play Broadleaf Forest Escape outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule.