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Eagle Escape

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You once had a very close friend. You didn't really remember how you became close. But you remembered her being left out by her previous classmates. You were like one of the new kids in school. You barely knew anyone yet your classmates seemed to know a lot about you. They may have been talking behind your back as you could hear them talk about others a lot. However, you never really cared about any of it. Your friend must have noticed it. And she naturally was drawn to you. What she needed was someone who would just be there for her. She didn't need someone who would always praise her or make her feel so special. She just needed a friend and that was all you could offer. You always got treats from her since she had the money. But you never chased after it.

After high school you grew apart a little. She studied in a private school and took a course your parents would never have agreed. But since she didn't have to work for her family, she was free to choose whatever she wanted. Her course led her to spending years with the eagles. You began loving eagles with her constant updates of her advocacy. And you couldn't turn a blind eye when one needed help. Play Eagle Escape outdoor escape game by 8b Games.

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