Philippine Eagle Escape Game

Philippine Eagle Escape

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Your powers were just getting stronger as time progressed. You first discovered about your ability when you were in elementary. Some kids were quite mean and without meaning to, you made some of them tumble. You thought it was just a coincidence. So you tried making them tumble again, and they did. You stopped yourself from thinking of hurting others since then. Although there were times when you were curious. You'd still try to make people do things they wouldn't do. But most of the time, it didn't work. You kept on trying to do this on people when an old man stood beside you. It seemed like he was interested in what you were trying to do. So you focused hard and tried once more. It did work but the old man looked at you while gently shaking his head.

He explained so many things to you. Then he asked you to follow him somewhere. You weren't sure if you should until he showed you things that were similar to what you could do. But they were all in a higher level. He brought you to a fantasy place to explain things to you. But your eyes caught sight of a Philippine Eagle and it became your challenge to help it escape. Play Philippine Eagle Escape outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.

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