Dusty Room Escape Game

Dusty Room Escape

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Try another indoor escape adventure here everyone! Dusty Room Escape is the newest point and click house escape game from Genie Fun Games. Have fun with us daily.

The luxurious mansion is now abandoned and Anderson is so mystified why for the place is grand and it only needs a little clean-up and renovation to get the old structure back again. Instead it got neglected and no guest was ever welcome to go near to the place, fortunately Anderson did once and that's quite a while ago, he can only expect that the place had become way worst than he remembers. Anderson was not deterred by the no trespassing sign, for he still went there to scan the place and just to see what he can find in there, little did he know he'll find himself in some trouble there and because he was alone, he has to solve it on his own.

Anderson was roaming around the halls of the house when suddenly, he heard something which startled him a bit, so he went to get himself out for who knows someone might actually be there, but then that resulted in him getting lost in the place and now, he could not get himself out! Anderson just got himself into more trouble there, will he be able to solve it before his situation gets worst? Escape players, you are welcome to join in the escape adventure here with Anderson if you have the guts to take this challenge on as well. Good luck everyone and enjoy!

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