Druid Forest Escape Game

Druid Forest Escape

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You are not aware of the fact that this library has ancient dust. All you know is that you're here to search for your assignment. However, this part is forbidden since it still has the essence of the past. Most of the parts of the library experienced renovation except for this one. This is because of the many failed attempts. Every time renovation starts on this part, certain accidents happen. So the owner decided to not touch this part of the library anymore. Anyway, it seems like the materials here are very sturdy and can last another hundred years. But because of safety precautions, no one enters this area. However, you believe that the book you're looking for is here. And you badly need it for your assignment. You can risk this much to complete it.

You're already inside the area and your nose can definitely detect the dust inside. The dust is irritating your nose and you keep on sneezing. When you open your eyes after the third sneeze, you're in a different place. A page of a book flies past you and you read its content. You have to find a talisman to escape. Where you'll find him will be revealed as you solve puzzles along the way. Play Druid Forest Escape outdoor escape game by 365 Escape.

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