Winter Wonderland Forest Escape 2 Game

Winter Wonderland Forest Escape 2

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The Winter Wonderland Forest is the most magical place on earth. Many people don't know about this place because this just opens up for someone like you. You are the niece of the snow princess and she gave you a special snowflake. That snowflake can give you access to the Winter Wonderland Forest. Aside from the magical places in the winter wonderland, there are also creatures that you can only see in here. The famous snow princess lives in here together with her friendly snowman. And the best thing about this place is the free ice cream! However, there is no such thing as a perfect place. Despite the friendly surrounding, there is one creature who doesn't like to be friends with anyone. He is the Yeti. The cold weather suits his cold heart.

He wants to own the Winter Wonderland Forest. He came to the forest to destroy everything in there including you. You really have to escape from the forest but your snowflake is lost. It must be somewhere in the wonderland. Find clues that can help you to locate the snowflake. That snowflake is the only thing that you need to escape. Winter Wonderland Forest Escape 2 is one of the best escape games by Ainars and Zen for Escape Fan. Play this exciting point and click outdoor escape game and have fun!

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