Dromedary Rescue Game

Dromedary Rescue

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You're very new to taking care of animals. You always worry about their well being that you spend most of your time  taking care of their needs above your own. This benefits the animals but it somehow harms you. So your parents ask you to go back to the city for a while to relax a bit. It may seem weird but it is in the city where you find peace and quiet as long as you're inside your room. Your parents return to the barn to keep things going for the animals. You may be relaxing in the city, but your mind is still with them. After a couple of comfortable days, you push yourself to meet your parents and help them out. You arrive very early in the morning and witness them working hard. You gently tap your mom's shoulder and offer to take over.

She smiles brightly at you and you somehow want to go back to the city all of a sudden. When your mom smiles like this, it means she'll be doing something you probably wouldn't like very much. She then informs you that she'll be out with your father for a couple of days and you have to tend the place on your own and solve whatever problem may arise. Play Dromedary Rescue outdoor escape game by Mirchigames.

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