Coconut Farm Island Escape Game

Coconut Farm Island Escape

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It's August and your mind is all caught up with the things you need to accomplish for the school year. You always tell yourself that things will get better if you just finish a specific task. But after finishing one, another one comes up again. You can't do anything about it though. You choose this job to earn and do whatever you want. So you just have to stick with it. One of the things that comfort you in all the stress you're going through is the possibility of a travel in summer. Summer starts from March to May in your country and you'll have to go through a lot to reach it. Your mind is already picturing yourself on a sunny beach when you receive a call. You're not mentally prepared to answer it but you also don't want to miss it.

The voice is very familiar and you often associate it with trips. You smile wide as you listen for a trip in August. It's in a beach somewhere on an island. The beach has lots of coconuts which you love. So you stroll around trying to get the perfect photo. You must have walked a little too far to not remember the way back. Play Coconut Farm Island Escape outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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