Driver Rescue Game

Driver Rescue

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You are an upstanding and hardworking police officer. You value your honorable work of apprehending those who violate the law and serving the people. In some days, you do not get many calls. But in others, you just cannot seem to get a break. Today however, you get a peculiar call for assistance. You receive word that a bunch of young pranksters have trapped an old and innocent driver in some place. After finishing the call, you proceed to hop into your car and drive off to the location.

Driver Rescue is a challenging point and click escape game released by Games 2 Jolly. This escape game will test your wits and logic skills as you solve the numerous puzzles. Explore the area by pointing and clicking to interact with objects. These objects will then provide you the necessary clues to help the driver escape.

When you arrived at the scene, you find that this is not the work of ordinary pranksters. These pranksters are notorious for setting up elaborate and sometimes menacingly difficult puzzles. They do not mean harm however. They only want to find out if there are people good enough to crack their puzzles. Are you indeed one of those people? Good luck and have fun!

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