Kids House Escape Game

Kids House Escape

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Today is your best friend's birthday party. You are so excited that last night, you could hardly sleep a wink. All you could think of last night was the tons of fun you will be having at your friend's house. There will be a lot of food and drinks, chocolates and ice cream, chips and pasta. All these food that you imagine make your mouth water. You wipe the drool off your mouth and go to sleep.

Kids House Escape is a fun point and click escape game from 8b Games.

You are now on your way to the birthday party. However, you notice your parents are not driving the usual route towards your friend's house. You ask your parents and they tell you you are still going to the birthday party. Eventually, the car has stopped and apparently you have arrived. You look around see a bright and colorful kids house. The place looks fun and you see some toys and games inside. You look around some more and finally you see your friend.

Your friend tells you that the birthday celebration will be held here. When your parents leave, you immediately start having fun. It is getting dark but your parents still has not come to pick you up. You then notice that they have been outside and waiting for you to finish. The problem is the door cannot be opened. You and your friend must find another way out. Good luck!

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