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Detective Agency

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You are a detective and you have your own detective agency. Lots of people come to your office every day to ask for advice. Your job is to solve all of their problems. Every person has a different situation and all of these reports are confidential. This is why you really make sure that the security in your agency is high maintenance. Your doors are on double lock so thieves will find it hard to break in. However, you are also finding it hard to escape from your room. You don' t know where you left your keys so you can't escape from the room. It seems ironic that you are a detective and yet, you can't open the door. If you can't find the key, you must find another way to escape.

As a detective, you must find clues that can help you to solve this puzzle. You must also know the specific items that you must collect to escape from the room. Your detective skills could help a lot for you to solve this escape game. Play Detective Agency room escape game by Mirchi games and prove that you are the best detective in this town. Good luck and have fun!


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