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Dare 01

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The castle had always been strict to princess Kayla for well his father the king was pretty fearful and nobody can blame him though, for the kingdom had frequent attacks lately and he doesn't want his family who were the heirs to the throne gets in danger. One day however, Kayla was quite rebellious for she doesn't know of yet when it comes to responsibility and governing, all she cares of is fun so that day, she sneaked out of the castle and out of the sights of the guards. She actually did a pretty good job for she had made it to the docks where the last guard stands.

Escape players, princess Kayla here is doing a pretty daring thing and this could risk the safety of the kingdom as well as the people who lives in it, but she doesn't understand the risk yet so care to join her still on her mission to escape the grounds of the castle without being seen? For being detected is also a risk to the kingdom so be very careful if you choose to help her evade the obstacles of the kingdom.

Dare 01 is another new point and click castle escape game made by 5n Games.

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