Cute Porcupine Escape From Cage

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Astrid is an adventurer, but she is too young to travel far and that’s why she can only go around the immediate area of her house which was also good for they are near a forest. That day, Astrid found a cave which is likely someone’s stash! For there were items in there and what seems to be a trap, which has a porcupine in it.

This cage-like trap is likely a trap for Astrid saw signs of trigger mechanisms which led to the capture of an animal that comes across it. This wilderness here has wild porcupines, that’s why Astrid decided to free this creature so it can return home. Escape players, will you help Astrid here free this cute porcupine so it can return to the forest where it belongs?

Cute Porcupine Escape From Cage is a new point-and-click wilderness animal rescue escape game developed by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Cute Porcupine Escape From Cage

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