Cute Beaver Escape Game

Cute Beaver Escape

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Cute Beaver Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game from Big Escape Games, enjoy a rescue attempt in the lush forest here. Have fun!

The forest is absolutely enchanting, for it felt really untouched thanks to the flourishing vegetation there and as a result, the animals living in the place also thrive. Ewan lives just close-by and that strongly influences him to take care of nature, for it provides life to him sometimes when he has low food and the supply town is an hour drive away. Ewan one day was in the forest, for he had to gather firewood to supply his fireplace every night, but he found something there though and that stopped him on his tracks.

Ewan found a trap and it was sprung! A trap is here? Really, in a far-off place? What's inside the trap too was quite concerning, for a beaver was caught in it. Ewan suddenly perked-up after seeing there was a trap there, he kind of felt that he is in the sights of a hunter here, he could have even set the trap there. Nevertheless, Ewan must not abandon the animal for the beaver is still alive and absolutely kicking. Escape players, Ewan is going to try and pry the trap there so the beaver can escape, care to join in with him and see if you can all do as well? Good luck on the rescue then everyone!

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  1. Date: August 28, 2019
    Author: dewed
    Someone found a new digital recording studio lol Some of it almost reminded me of the artist Zoungla [Reply]

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