A part of the Crystal Ruins 2 is in shambles.

Crystal Ruins 2

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The Cystal Ruins is a fortress of grand size and appearance. It is ,until now, the most beautiful structure in the land even though it is abandoned. It housed the monarchy of Garehdar before it succumbed to the Great War. Three centuries later, it is nothing more than a ghost of the distant past. While the people are enjoying their freedom from the royal family, they still love the Crystal Ruins because it seems that it’s the only thing that gives wonders in a gray land in the midst of an industrial revolution.

Young Carter Vaughn travels to the ruins to cut pieces of beautiful crystal to sell. It is highly illegal since the area belongs to the government. One day, he decides to go deeper into the ruins where he triggers a trap that sent him underground. Later, he managed to build a fire and saw that he was in a great hall. He touches the walls and saw that it is indeed gold. He must find a way out back to his siblings before dark.

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Walkthrough video for Crystal Ruins 2

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