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Cool Boy Rescue
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Gabrielle's phone blew-up in messages and when he checked it, his rich friend had been calling and sending messages saying he needs help! Gabrielle was taking a bath that time and he just checked it, his friend said that he got trapped in his home and he was currently alone which is why he is asking for his help. Gabrielle began to think then why his other friends didn't come to his aid? He was a cool kid and has lots of friends, maybe this is some sort of prank? Still, Gabrielle went there to see what's really going-on and to his dismay, his friend was genuinely trapped!

Gabrielle had to enter through the secret path to get inside the house which his friend had told him before and this could be a tough one here, for his friend's house is luxuriously big. Gabrielle's friend seems to be trapped deep in the place and even then he can still hear him scream for help, he needs to get him out of there so he can get some answers what happened, but he needs to be very careful though for there might be something serious behind this. Escape players, want to join Gabriel here on this rescue attempt?

Go ahead then and try this one, may your skills be enough for this. Cool Boy Rescue is another new point and click house rescue escape game made by Ekey Games.

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