Container Flat Escape

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“Ugh! Everything looks so-so. Nothing really stands out! I need something that people can go ooh and aah over.” You complained as you look at the unique places to stay in. You promised your friend from abroad to take her to the unique places in your country. But you must have spoken too soon. You weren’t able to search beforehand for the places you’ll visit. And she’s totally expecting a lot. When you visited her, she took you many beautiful places and you had such a great time. So now you want to return the favor to her. And you can’t disappoint her. So you tried to think of another plan. Instead of just taking her somewhere else, you went and build a customized flat. You have seen somewhere where they were using containers as shelter. So now, you’re going to build her one.

The construction was going smoothly and will be finished a week before she arrives. That way you’ll have time to check it out for yourself. And likewise to make some improvements along the way. So one night, you decided to stay for the night in the container flat. But the next morning, you find it hard to escape. Play Container Flat Escape room escape game by Mouse City and improve the flat for your friend.