Come Out The Aladdin

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Anthony finally found the genie’s lamp and it’s actually being kept here in this museum. Anthony knows the genie that resides this lamp, it’s really ironic that the genie’s name is Aladdin and Anthony was once his master. But when his wishes run out though, the lamp was deposited far away in a random place and for years Anthony have been trying to find it. Now that he has it in his grasp, he will get it out of this place.

Escape players, you can say Anthony is getting a little greedy here, but he and Aladdin have a deal and he is only doing his part of the bargain. Will you help him then so he can get this lamp and the genie in it out of this museum?

Come Out The Aladdin is a brand new point-and-click retrieval escape game from Wow Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Come Out The Aladdin

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