Clever Boy Escape (8B Games)

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There was this boy in the neighborhood who was so clever and mischievous that his plans would always work! But it mostly is in relation to mischief though, and also he is so stealthy that nobody have really identified this kid even though the problems coming from him just keeps coming for months. All they know is that the perpetrator is a boy and that’s it. But because Craig here is a great detective in the neighborhood, he finally confirmed the identity of this kid and where he lives, it was actually his close-friend’s son!

Upon finding-out, Craig didn’t want to catch the boy anymore, but instead he will come to his friend’s home and talk to his son to give him a warning, that’s it, it is up to him then if he’ll stop this mischief or not. But guess there is a problem there at his friend’s home and he needs a little help first. Escape players, will you join Craig here and see what the problem is? Come and find-out then, help with the best of your skills as well if you wish.

Clever Boy Escape is a brand new point-and-click indoor rescue escape game from 8B Games.

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