Cleopatra’s Temple Escape

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The little templar square in the Egyptian sands were once thought to be just that, but it is actually a pointer to the great temple of Cleopatra which was lost through time! The one that found it was a really determined researcher who refused to give-up despite his team finally giving-up, that person was Devlin and now he is standing on the great temple which was actually just hidden between tall sand-dunes which are enough for it to be hidden even if one is on a chopper, unless if they go overhead they will see it which nobody has done that before. At the moment though, he needs to get himself out from there for he technically fell and accidentally found the place, now he needs to get back up to the dunes so he can then travel back to town and get his team.

Devlin just wished that the place wouldn’t disappear like in the movies when the founder leaves to show it to the people, but he doubts that it will. Escape players, will you help Devlin here out so he can go get some help in the temple of the great and mysterious female ruler of Egypt, Cleopatra? Go ahead then and be careful not to touch anything, or risk being cursed.

Cleopatra’s Temple Escape is the newest point and click ancient place escape game created by 365 Escape.

Walkthrough video for Cleopatra’s Temple Escape


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