The Circle 2 - Bat Cave Escape 36 Game

The Circle 2 - Bat Cave Escape 36

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Your ghost friends are worrying for your success. They're telling you that the other ghosts are now raging because of the defeat of their colleague. They worry that the next ghost you'll face will be more terrifying than the last. But you just smile at them. One of the friendlier and brighter ghost gives you an information in secret. And you can't seem to keep it out of your mind. The ghost didn't mention your success. But he mentioned the nearing end. And that's all you need to know to gather all your strengths for the final battles. You're very aware that the ghosts might be searching for you now ready to get rid of you for good. You're hoping they won't find you yet though. You still need to gather more objects and piece them together to fully prepare for your face-off.

Then from the distance, you can hear their jeers. You can't lose to them, especially when you've gone too far and just a few steps towards the end. So you gather all your remaining strength and journey towards the ghost. You keep on tapping the objects you collected from the previous missions and you're making sure they're all worth your effort. Play The Circle 2 - Bat Cave Escape 36 outdoor escape game by Enagames.

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