Snowfall House Escape Game

Snowfall House Escape

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This Snowfall House just looks too cute in the pictures that you can't pass the chance of staying here. You'll be in this part of the country for just a few days only. And you're mainly here because of the snow. So this is like the perfect place to fulfill this want of yours. You bring all your stuffs to this place and you can't seem to feel any cold. Maybe it's because you're carrying all the heavy things inside. But when you finally rest for a bit, that's when you feel the cold slowly seeping under your skin. You can't stay still because you feel like you'll turn into ice soon. So you look around to look for some firewood. However, it seems like they're out of it. You try to contact the owner about this concern. She's apologetic for not letting it out of one of the rooms.

You sigh when you hear this but you can't do anything much about it. She can't remember where the key is so you have to find your way around. The snow is getting thick but you need to walk in and out of the house in search for the key. Play Snowfall House Escape outdoor escape game by Avm Games.

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