Christmas Wreath Way Escape Game

Christmas Wreath Way Escape

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Strangely though when winter set in the forest, there were now Christmas wreaths on the trees and it seems like there are puzzles on them too or something. Nobody knows who placed them there or what purpose did they have to do such, but the things seems fun and the wreaths are only on the sides of the path on the trees, those could be used as guides as people travels through the forest from village to village during the holidays. That day as Wilton travels through the path, he tried to solve the puzzles on one of the wreaths just to fulfill his curiosity of what would happen, but actually that was a pretty bad idea for when he did managed to solve one, it seems to be testing him now for when he looked around he was not anymore in familiar grounds!

Wilton was definitely baffled with the results of what he had done, no matter where he went the path just wouldn't look familiar and he knows it's not just the snow. He pondered of what had happened and what he did then, when he finished solving one puzzle, the place he was suppose to be in changed instantly. Maybe the only way back is to solve the puzzles on those wreaths? He could risk getting transported to another place if he do that or, it could get him where he was suppose to be. It's a risk he finally was able to take for what can he do here now? Escape players, come help Wilton here with the challenge he is facing in the cold weird forest.

Christmas Wreath Way Escape is a brand new point and click snowy wilderness escape game released by WoW Escape.

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