Pink Christmas Room Escape Game

Pink Christmas Room Escape

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The Christmas house which was set to be opened to the public in a few weeks before Christmas day, is not really ready and it will be tested to see if it needs a little adjustment on the difficulty or not, plus other repairs that must be done as well. Erna was checking things inside the house that day for she was assigned on the decorations of the place to make it look natural, this place is going to be difficult she said to herself, but little did she know she was going to test it herself first-hand!

At some point as she was rearranging, the place's challenges triggered and now she is trapped! Erna quickly called for help but she noticed why wasn't anybody coming to her aid and disengage this thing or something? Only then she remembered that her co-workers were on break and who knows when will they be back! Erna didn't want to stay there as this challenge was mysteriously engaging, but this could be the time to test her skills and maybe she can escape on her own. Escape players, Erna decided to take-on this challenge and to also see if the Christmas escape house is easy or not. Play as Erna here and see if you can escape the house and quickly.

Pink Christmas Room Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Games 4 Escape.

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