Christmas White House Escape Game

Christmas White House Escape

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The white house is open again for tourists to visit, well only in designated areas where the Christmas decorations are. The tour is very strict though and nobody should stray from the designated halls or possibly be penalized with the act. Bruno was definitely not about to do that and he swore to stay with the tour at all times. But fate played with him however, for when he was following the tour, he never realized he entered a different hall! When he looked around then he also noticed that his group was now missing!

Bruno didn't know where to go then or what to do, most importantly he doesn't want to be penalized here so he is now doing his best to find his group and act like nothing had ever happened when he does. But the question is now will he be able to before he is caught there without a group and loitering? Escape players, help Bruno here at least get himself out of the white house or find his tour group there, try not to touch anything expensive for Bruno is not really rich and any damages there he won't be able to pay for.

Christmas White House Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Fun Escape Games.

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