Jungle Temple Escape Game

Jungle Temple Escape

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Albert just woke-up in the forest near his home, but he is not just nearby though but he seems to be deep within it! This was a crazy situation immediately for Albert remembered sleeping in his room, but why was he here? Albert began acting then for he knows if he didn't then he'll spend the night there with all the predators and mosquitoes. As Albert looked around however, he noticed that there were no nearby paths, that means he is really deep in the forest here. Deep enough that when he found something, he really froze right on the spot!

Albert found an ancient temple and he was really baffled as to what he was seeing! There was an ancient temple here? Then he is surely deep in the forest here. It looks like somebody is living in there too for there are recent signs of human activity. Albert is really confused now for he doesn't know what is going-on, but he must keep moving for this is the wilderness and he knows what dangers are lurking around. Escape players, help Albert here get some answers what is going-on and a hand so he can get back home. First try to enter the temple there and see what you'll all find.

Jungle Temple Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game released by Selfdefiant.

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